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Even the most talented sales and success teams can’t attract deposits and retain clients with outdated software. And in an industry like the HOA industry – where growth is fast and innovation is slow – outdated software is all too common.

Enter Paygami.

This is the industry’s most robust integration, e-pay, and bank lockbox provider. Our software creates a payment experience between the bank and the homeowner that’s so seamless, your clients won’t even know who we are. They’ll just know it works, and you’re the one who makes it work. 

Our Story

In 2005, a third generation banker with a deep history in the community association management industry envisioned something better for the homeowners he served. CINC Systems was created as the industry’s first Internet-based integrated accounting and property management platform so that HOAs and COAs across the United States could focus on building the communities they serve, not dealing with clunky and outdated software. 

At CINC, we understand that the key to better communication between neighbors and board members lays in the hands of the banks and software solutions that are running in the backend. Through Paygami, every bank can offer their management companies a seamless payment solution and every Association can offer homeowners modern technology that makes HOA living easy. 

BaaS: Banking as a Service

Similar to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, a BaaS model integrates as many service providers as needed into one comprehensive process to provide end-to-end financial service to the client. Paygami is the only BaaS model designed specifically for the HOA industry, creating a seamless digital banking solution for your clients.

How it works:

step 1Your bank – combined with your financial services technology – collects and stores transaction data.

step 2Paygami bridges the gap, connecting your financial data with front-end software and delivering an industry-focused payments solution.

step 3Management companies, boards, and homeowners access data and generate HOA financials with no fragmentation or interruption.

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From the bank to the homeowner, everyone benefits.

  • Bank
  • Management Company
  • Homeowner

The bank collects and stores transaction data of homeowners. Through Paygami, banks experience:

  • The ability to generate new association management business
  • Reduced churn
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved software integration capabilities
  • Scalable onboarding and support

Management companies have complete transparency into payment history and financials - all integrated into your portal and updated in real time. This means:

  • More lockbox locations nationwide
  • Simple reconciliation 
  • Payment matching services with a 99.74% match rate
  • Banking and payments in one solution 

Homeowners and board members quickly and easily access banking data and make payments with no fragmentation and interruption. Paygami helps homeowners:

  • Have complete visibility into their account and HOA payment history
  • Choose the payment option that suits their needs
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently with their board members

Meet the team

Our executive leadership team at Paygami and CINC Systems is dedicated to supporting you, your clients, and their homeowners. With a wealth of experience in association management, real estate, and financial technology, you are in good hands with our leaders.

Bill Blanton
Bill Blanton
Robert McCullar
Robert McCullar
Chief Operating Officer
Shea Dittrich
SVP Sales & Marketing
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Dawn Randall
Dawn Randall
Chief Client Officer
Karen Sferratore
Karen Sferratore
SVP Human Resources
Greg McCrery
Vice President, Paygami
Peter Yang
Chief Technology Officer
Oscar Gomez

Oscar Gomez
SVP Finance

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